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Adirondack Yoga .com is the premier online resource guide to yoga and well being in Upstate New York and the Adirondacks showcasing hundreds of exciting attractions throughout the Adirondacks, Capital/Saratoga region, Catskills, Central Leatherstocking region, Chautauqua/Allegheny, the Finger Lakes, Greater Niagara, Hudson Valley and the Thousand Island/Seaway Regions. We invite you to take a virtual tour of some of our most popular travel destinations including the historic cities of Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls , Lake George, the Lake Champlain Valley Region, Lake Placid ,Saranac Lake and the High Peaks Region , Old Forge and the Tug Hill Plateau, St. Lawrence Seaway and the 1000 islands and Lake Ontario. Upstate New York is ideally located within easy driving distance of major metropolitian areas including New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey as well as Montreal, Canada and Burlington, Vermont.
Upstate New York offers visitors a rich variety of historic, artistic, and cultural attractions ranging from the 1932 and 1980 Olympic venues in Lake Placid to the historic Saratoga Springs Racetrack, and the famous Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

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Adirondack Retreats for the mind, body & soul!
Research shows that yoga helps manage or control anxiety, arthritis, asthma, back pain, blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, headaches, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, stress and other conditions and diseases.

What's more, yoga:

Improves muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina
Reduces stress and tension
Boosts self esteem
Improves concentration and creativity
Lowers fat
Improves circulation
Stimulates the immune system
Creates sense of well being and calm.

Kripalu Style Yoga Classes
Yoga by -Jackie Foster

Kripalu Yoga develops awareness that let's you be compassionate with yourself and others while relieving chronic tension and increasing strength, flexibility, and overall wellness. A regular yoga practice opens the body, frees the breath, and quiets the ego-driven mind, allowing the benefits to extend beyond the mat into all of the facets of your life.

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classes in Saranac Lake & Lake Placid Area

Experience the beauty and tranquility of the mountains,
lakes and forests!

We invite you to choose from spas that offer the finest in full-body pampering with treatments such as stone massages and warm seafoam mud wraps to a full week of relaxing yoga and spiritual awakening.

Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides

Yoga & Spa Vacation Ideas in the Adirondacks!

Crowne Plaza Resort Lake Placid - 1 Olympic Drive Lake Placid, NY 518-523-2556 or 800-874-1980
email: Full service resort located in the center of the village, overlooking lake. All rooms have a coffee maker, microwave and refrigerator. Rooms and suites with Jacuzzis, fireplaces available. Amenities include indoor pool, fitness room, ten tennis courts, private beach, our forty-five holes of championship golf, X-C ski center and laundry facilities. Boat tours and golf packages. Children under 19 free "Some of the most beautiful Adirondack sunsets and sunrises can be enjoyed at the Lake Placid Resort Hotel and Golf Club" - NY Times

Yoga originally came from India and it dates back over five thousand years ago. The Indian sage Pantajali, in his Yoga sutras defines yoga as the control of activities of ones minds. Yoga is founded on the belief of the progress of self awareness.
Classical yoga has an eight stages process of spiritual development known as the ‘eight limbs of yoga”.

Yama - attitudes towards other people and our world

Niyam - attitudes about ourselves

Asana - practice of using/improving the body

Pranayama - practice of using/controlling the breath

Pratyahara - use and self-control of our senses

Dharana - capability to direct the mind

Dhyana - capability to interact with the object of our concentration

Samadhi - incorporation within the object of our concentration

Around the world the most common form of yoga is hatha yoga. This form of yoga involves the body and breath. Hatha yoga helps individuals to promote health and well-being through physical exercise.

Ananda Yoga:
Is a classical style of Hatha yoga using gentle postures designed to move the energy up to the brain and prepare the body for meditation. Ananda Yoga is a relatively gentle, inward experience, not an athletic or aerobic practice. Classes also focus on proper body alignment and controlled breathing.

Ashtanga (or Astanga) Yoga:
A challenging series of sequential poses that focus on strength, flexibility and building heat by synchronizing movement with the breath. This style of yoga is great for energising the body.

Hatha Yoga:
Is an ancient system combining the body, mind and breath to achieve self-improvement. Classes focus on postures, breathing and meditation exercises to help purify the mind, body and spirit.

Iyengar Yoga:
Possibly the most popular form of yoga in the UK. Unlike other yoga styles, Iyengar Yoga practitioners hold each pose for a longer amount of time and props such as straps, blankets and wooden blocks are often used in classes. This type of yoga is renowned for its attention to body alignment.

Is translated as The Curl of the Hair of the Beloved. It is the potential for greatness that rests within each of us, and the purpose of Kundalini Yoga is to raise the energy up the spine and in the
process, awaken to your potential. This practice concentrates on postures, chanting, meditation and breathing exercises.

Power Yoga:
Is a demanding sequence of yoga positions based on the classical Astanga system but designed to make you sweat. This style of yoga is one of the most popular in the US and is fast becoming ever more popular in the UK.

Restorative Yoga:
Is quite different from other forms of yoga, meaning supported poses to restore the body's energy. This style is suitable for the less able or those recovering from illness. Restorative Yoga can be complimentary to many programs designed to reduce stress and increase your ability to relax.

Sivananda Yoga:
This traditional type of yoga concentrates on connecting the body to the Solar Plexus where an enormous amount of energy is stored. A typical class will combine postures, breathing, dietary restrictions, chanting and meditation.

Viniyoga is an approach to Yoga for developing personal practice, using postures, breathing, meditation, ritual and prayer. Viniyoga respects the fact that as we grow, the practices we use in yoga must be modified and the very purpose of our practice changed. The Viniyoga approach is to make Yoga relevant to every situation.

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Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides

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Adirondacks, New York, Resource Guides
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